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Learn How to Get a New Projects Rebate

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Home buyers are learning there are different options when it comes to full service real estate agents.  With the homes for sale and many resources available to consumers online the coveted MLS isn’t the highly secretive database it once was. This technology also benefits the agent and reduces their workload.  By being more efficient, agents are happy to offer savvy home buyers a home buyer rebate.


Giving away some of the commission is nothing new for the broker.  In fact, it’s very common for a broker to give some of the commissions to relocation companies and other real estate agents.

A home buyer rebate is essentially when part of the commission is given to the buyer upon closing the transaction.  In fact, in many cases a home buyer will end up buying the first or second home they see, and the National Association of Realtors claims the average buyer will see 12 homes before they buy.

Example of a Transaction

From Contract to Closing, We Do It All for a Flat Fee of 2%(*)

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Service & Savings Program

  1. Listing Alert System
    We set you up through the Honolulu board of Realtors multiple listing service (MLS) an automatic search of properties.
  2. Pre-Purchase Loan Approval
    We connect you to several qualified loan brokers to help you with the purchasing process.
  3. Negotiations
    We provide you with a comprehensive market analysis as we negotiate the best terms and price for your purchase.
  4. Preparation of Contracts
    We prepare the purchase contract and addendums with your specific terms and conditions.  The documents can be reviewed and signed online without having to print for your convenience
  5. Provide and Explain Disclosure Documents, Transaction Management Throughout Process
    We take care of all the timelines and contingencies of the contract, order all the documents, and arrange all the inspections, until recordation.

(*) 2% flat fee is paid at closing. General Excise Tax is charged on flat fee.

New Project Buyer Agent Commission Rebate

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